marie-agnès bouvier

I became an artist in my second life.

When I paint, it is with a preference for oils, and since I enjoy mixing my colours directly on the surface (canvas or wood), il allows me to discover the subtleties of texture, transparence and shading of the creative journey.

It gives me immense pleasure to express and share my energy, love of live, sense of humour and anxieties through paint.

My work has been described as abstract symbolism which lends itself well to my manner of artistic exploration. I work spontaneously and purely from my imagination allowing the surface, colour and symbolic imagery to evolve naturally as I work through poetic ideas.

The reatest pleasure for me is the dialogue stimulated by the sharing of my work with others.

Painting expresses what word cannot


Painting is life

       The one we drea

                  The one whe dream about

                                        The one we share