-    From 27/09/18 to 07/10/18

-    Thurdays, Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays between 10 H and 19 h

-    Bellême, Perche, France 61130.

Marie-Agnès BOUVIER and Colette GENTNER have thirty paintings on exhibition in the magnificent historic Salles du Porche in Bellême.

This collection of works in oil, scrapped, layered and mixed is a fabulous exploration of colour through symbolic abstraction and imaginary landscape.

Marie-Agnès Bouvier works invite us to pass through surfaces into structure, transparence, super-imposed layers and symbols while Colette Gentner takes us through hazy merged and blended dreamscapes.

They deconstruct reality and rebuild it into a voyage through enigmatic colour.

     maboudu61@gmail. com -   06 80 99 68 81.

Salles du Porche. 61130 Bellême Normandie.

Be careful:  rooms are closed between 13 H and 15 h.

  • maboudu61@gmail.com 06 80 99 66 81

Salles du Porche 61130 Bellême Normandie France

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